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SPECIALTY: Color projects, cuts, color, keratin-smoothing treatments.


LOVE: I love aiding in building self-confidence and self-worth. Whether we are maintaining an existing look or creating an entirely new look I’m excited about it. However, I have to admit I will always have a special love for big color projects! I also enjoy performing keratin-smoothing treatments to my clients with unruly hair. I enjoy providing a fun and relaxing environment to all the wonderful people who come to visit me, and I look forward to seeing you soon!


THE 411: Over 12 years of experience. I consider myself one lucky human to say with all honestly, I get to work with seven women I love and admire, they inspire me to be a better hairdresser and a better human every day. My gratitude will always be for the day Katie and I met at the downtown Starbucks and she refused to show me the salon, but did offer me a job (a few days later). I love spending time with my salon family!


LIFE/FUN: A jack of all trades is a master of none, but often times better than a master of one. I believe this saying would some me up in a nutshell. I will forever be a student of life and eager to learn everything I can and experience anyplace on the planet I can get to. The salon life and connecting through hair is my gateway and will remain my first love.



Owner, Rock Paper Scissors
Balayage & Blonde Specialist


Stylist - women's hair and...




Stylist - cuts, color and...


Stylist - full highlighted blonds and...







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